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        Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences (PCHS)

        • 金钱帝国原型
        金钱帝国原型Facility金钱帝国原型 : New Campus
        金钱帝国原型Size金钱帝国原型 : 332,675 SF
        金钱帝国原型Location金钱帝国原型 : Lancaster, PA
        金钱帝国原型Services Provided金钱帝国原型 :


        Previously occupied by Bosch as a headquarters office and warehouse, High Construction transformed this space into a new campus for Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, a 1,400-student, private four-year college. Located in Lancaster, Pa., the campus features two buildings that total 332,675 square feet, and that are linked by a glass corridor. The former 67,966 square foot office building was transformed into administrative office, kitchen, dining room, and meeting room spaces for the college. It required a complete renovation using the existing structure and building skin. The second building, formerly a 146,000 square foot warehouse with 35-foot high walls, was transformed into classrooms and meeting space. The warehouse building nearly doubled in square footage to a total of 264,709 square feet with the addition of a second floor within the existing structure. Other modifications to the structure include expansion of the main entrance, the addition of 60 new windows on the existing precast concrete walls, and full fit-out of the finished area with some areas reserved for future expansion. Additional site changes were also made, including expansion of the existing stormwater system to accommodate additional paving and parking areas for the campus, new parking at the classroom building to accommodate increased parking needs.